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Originally Posted by .b0link View Post
I guess my point is, instead of saying something stupid like "Get rid of those Chicken strips" you should be offering real advice such as....

Wow that is a powerful bike. You should really get to a track or try to get in on one of the California Superbike Schools so you can push your potential in a safe environment.

I think we both have the same end result desire. To get more people on the track, where they can improve their skills ten fold over any MSF course where they ride around in a parking lot at 20mph for 6 hours. So instead of ridiculing, try to point them in the right direction. If they take your advice, awesome! If not, then there isn't much you can do anyways. But blindly encouraging them to go out and get rid of den chicken strips is not the way to promote riding skills and safety.

if you read back about 10 pages you will see a comment from me that says exactly the same. parapharing here, but i said that msf teaches you squat about riding, track instruction is what you really need

edit: found it here:

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