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Originally Posted by .b0link View Post
Or why buy an SUV when you never take it offroad?

We can go back and forth all day. Bottom line is, people get shit because they

A. Want to
B. Like it
3. Because they want to.

By your argument no one should be riding a S1krr or any other sport bike on the street. Ever. People dont NEED anything in this world, other than food, water, and shelter. Everything else just makes them happy.

So if he is content and happy cruising around town in a 172 hp motorcycle, and isn't bothering anyone else, or endangering anyone else's life...then what is the big deal?

As I said, Im more concerned by the idiots that are out to prove themselves or look cool in front of their buddies.

Different strokes for different folks. When i get to san diego I will be getting another bike to ride on the street again. And guess what. Im gonna spend the majority of my time going back and forth from work, in traffic, in a straight line. And you arent gonna catch me on a cruiser. Ever. So yes, it will be a sportbike. And it will have MASSIVE chicken strips. Feel free to stop me and call me a noob or tell me Im wasting a good bike, and I will ignore you and happily go on with my day.
i have no problem doing that, will oblige there sailor...