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Originally Posted by Digital.James View Post
Riding within their comfort level is one thing, but buying a 172hp liter bike is certainly outside the comfort level of someone who can't scrub off their 2inch chicken strips.

My wife certainly doesnt have poor body position and certainly doesnt have inappropriate lean angles when she rides on the street. Yet she doesnt have no where near the chicken strips those bikes do. Maybe it's because she did her advanced rider training at the track....

There are sooo many more factors than you are wanting to awknowledge.

First off...there is no safe legal way to scrub off all of your tire on a public street. If you are carrying those lean angles...either you are carrying WAAAY too much lean angle for the speed you are going, or you are going WAAAY too fast for a public street. Period.

If you are just in a parking lot riding in circles to get rid of them, then that comes right back around to being a poser who thinks that it will make everyone think they are awesome riders.

So. Ignoring the fact that you shouldnt be going that fast on public streets, lets use the "canyon carver" bullshit justification.

Not everyone lives near canyons. Hell. Some people live in inner city or the pancake flats of Florida where there arent turns for 30 miles at a time.

There was an argument just a few pages back, maybe the last page where people were saying that you can own something without having to take it balls to the wall every time you get on it. Such as owning a lamborgini. Most people who drive one aren't using it to the full potential, and a greater majority probably shouldnt even be behind the wheel of one. Oh well. That is life.

I fully agree that EVERYONE that owns one of these machines should get to the track, and advance their skills. But just because someone has "chicken strips" is not reason to redicule them. Im WAY more impressed with the guy that gets a BMW S1kRR and has the will power and common sense to ride within his limits, than I am of the asshats on every other liter bike or 600 that go out to Mulholland Drive and wreck on the same damn corner every weekend just trying to drag a knee so they can have bragging scrapes on their pucks.

A true rider knows its not about how "low" you can get, but how upright you can keep the bike while hauling ass around a turn. It may not have the same street cred, but they can tell me that as I pass their ass on the outside carrying half the lean angle they are.