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Originally Posted by Samurai of 2day View Post
Yeah, new riders are so focused on trying to keep up with more experienced riders, that they lose the basics and forget about learning, feeling and enjoying the bike. If you are an experienced rider, and never make mistakes, lead by example and teach and encourage the newcomers. Teach them well. Comments like "you still got chicken strips" only gets people hurt and damages beautiful motorcycles.
If you own a S1000RR and can't scrub off your chicken strips then you're a squid. You bought the bike to show off, plain and simple. You don't learn how to ride on a S1000RR. Nobody teaches someone to ride on that bike

Originally Posted by .b0link
nothing wrong with someone riding within their comfort level or within what public roads will allow.

That whole get rid of the strips mentality is what leads to people being incredibly dumb on the streets, carrying very un-needed lean angle, and engraving poor body position into your muscle memory.

Im knees down all over the track and still have a half inch of "chicken strips" left. Guess I dont know what Im doing.
Riding within their comfort level is one thing, but buying a 172hp liter bike is certainly outside the comfort level of someone who can't scrub off their 2inch chicken strips.

My wife certainly doesnt have poor body position and certainly doesnt have inappropriate lean angles when she rides on the street. Yet she doesnt have no where near the chicken strips those bikes do. Maybe it's because she did her advanced rider training at the track....