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American car owner: U.S. assembled only
Reality: Made in Mexico
Japanese car owner: Japan assembled only
Reality: Made in U.S.
European car owner: Germany assembled only
Reality: Made in U.S., South Africa, South America

It doesn't matter which side of the fence you're on in terms of car ownership, people just like a false sense of quality knowing that their car was produced in the car brand's country of origin. It's not like BMW is contracting local factories in Mexico in order to build their 1 & 3-series where they make cars on one side of the factory and produce meth & cocaine on the other; BMW is pumping 100s of millions into building a new plant. If the quality of the cars in Mexico are poor then that's BMW's fault as even without strict government regulation if BMW wishes to market their cars as being upmarket and charge a premium price for it then they need to self regulate.

PS: Why does the U.S. need factory jobs more than Mexico? Why should BMW build another plant in the U.S.? BMW has absolutely no obligation to the U.S. nor should BMW give American workers preference over people in other countries. This thread is one bad comment away from "those dirty <insert people of X country> took our jobs."