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People saying that they will never buy a BMW again if its built in Mexico, should put that extra money into some education.

If BMW builds a plant in Mexico (or anywhere else for that matter), it will have the same robots, production and quality processes that they have at their plants in Germany. In fact, being a brand new plant, it'll have newer robots than the ones they have in Germany.

I'm more worried about their existing quality processes since my last 3 BMWs (E46 330ci, E92 335xi and E82 128i) have been reliability nightmares. All of them built in Germany by the way.

Also, instead of complaining about where a new plant might be built, we should be outraged at the fact that one of the models that will be built at such plant is going to be a FWD BMW!!!

If you combine the loss of NA engines, morbid weight and size increases, appalling reliability, electric steering, run-flat tires, fake engine noise and the FWD stupidity, BMW has successfully removed most of the key features that made me own six of their products over the past 8 years. You can be sure that my current will be my last BMW, regardless of where they are/were/going to be built.