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Penn State has shown that the gross majority of their student body and alumni base has learned nothing from this. The main measure the NCAA must take now is giving them the death penalty and to point out it is the DIRECT result of their board of trustee's who filed a motion showing the culture of Penn State is unwilling to change from their football first ways. I wouldn't even stop there. I hope the accredidation board actually reviews their case now and see's how they grossly ignored their code of conduct resulting in them losing their status. I hope the NCAA kicks them out entirely and forces them to resubmit their application to rejoin with all the universities having a say. I hope both the state and federal funding stop being paid to Penn State. I hope since they broke the Cleary Act, they are fined any and all revenue made in the years the Sandusky coverup started. I hope the Big10 is looking at this in disgust and decides to kick them out. The school doesn't deserve to exist anymore.

If I was an alumni of that horrible school, I would be going nuts over the stupidity of my trustee's.