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//Baan Velgen | BBS CH-R 19 inch & 20 inch

Hi Guys,

The BBS CH-R wheels is a perfect wheel for the BMW M3, and perfect value for money.

The BBS CH-R wheel incorporates the long and angled spoke design developed for the legendary BBS GT wheels in Motorsport. Combined with a very efficient center spoke region, this wheel design is a tremendous blend of strength and weight.

The CH-R wheel utilizes a cast and special flow forming process that produces an extremely strong but still light weight wheel even for heavy load vehicles. The back milled spokes provide greater weight and strength optimization.

We succeeded to offer the wheels for a price you cannot resist. The prices for customers outside the European union are;

19 inch;
front; 9,0 x 19 ET20
rear; 10,5 x 19 ET25
Total of 1341 euro(approximately 1682 USD)

20 inch;
front; 9,0 x 20 ET24
rear; 10,5 x 20 ET24
Total of 1425 euro(approximately 1788 USD)

Shipping to the United states is 300 euro(approximately 377 USD)

The sets are available in Matt Black / bright silver / matt titanium

At this moment we have 2 sets of 19 inch in matt black in stock and also 2 sets of the 20 inch in matt black in stock. Which we can ship directly, shipping to the US takes approximately 5 business days.

Interested, just send us a PM or email. We can of course also offer these complete with tires.

Custom set, where we removed the rim protector to get a full black wheel;

19 vs. 20

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