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Originally Posted by accordingi2ime View Post
I've been putting this off for two years... but I am going to really do it this time
I am about to purchase sws8x and JLxd400/4 to upgrade my sound system.
I bought Technic's harness and JTSHERRI's spaces so I could DIY the install.
Before I proceed I want to make sure I have everything correct. I am new to this so please bare with me.

Does this look right?

Where do the RCA cable from LOC go on the amp?
Do I need LC2i?

Thank you
I think that you got one of the Navone 150W LOCs originally used with my harness. It should work if your OEM amp is the "old" design -silver box with heat sinks on the top. The "new" design is grey box without any heat sinks on top. You will need to tap the OEM remote wire for this install:

Just make sure that you get the SWS-8X and not the SWS-8Xi. The XD400/4 is not 2 ohms stable in bridge mode. A better suggestion -albeit more expensive- is to get a pair of Jehnerts midbass, a Musicar Trunk box and an XD500/3. No need for SWS-8 spacers.

I sent a harness wiring diagram to you at the time of purchase. Please send me your email again if you do not have it.
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