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Will the real Scott26 please stand up?

Originally Posted by Sol01 View Post
what a load of markeing bull.... revolutionary FWD car
There were a lot of knowing glances and smiles when "Scott26" was brought up in a global marketing pitch by advertising agencies in Munich a few months ago. Fact is "Scott26" is a part of a marketing plan, with timed and authorised scoops, to stoke the enthusiasm and word of mouth potential of enthusiasts.

I dont have a problem with it per se, i enjoy being drip fed good information and tantalising details, but there is a fine line I suppose
. A balance tipped when there is less content and substance, more marketing brochure blurb, and recent posts from Scott26 really show a loosening hold on this touch point.

The latest one on the 1er forums about the imminent FWD platforms for the i3 and Mini are a case in point.

No, it's not the fact that FWD BMWs will (and as predicted, have) inflamed passions. It's the fact that Scott26 has had less and less to say for the true BMW super fan and more and more marketing spin to distribute. Your readers are not fools, Herr Scott.

Leads me to think Scott26 is probably now run by committee at BMW Welt, a bunch of product and brand managers wetting themselves with their Word of Mouth expertise, when with every post executed by some poor brand executive, they erode the goodwill of super fans around the world post by post.

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