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Originally Posted by BMW M Power Mexico View Post
One more comment regarding this. Car manufacturing isnīt really a 1st world job anymore. There are things in which the U.S. is competitive and tops in the world. Those are the real jobs worth having today. As countries innovate in technology they get 1st shot at entirely new categories. That is where the U.S. is competitive.

Software, biotech, online services, aerospace (especially military), space, advanced materials, clean energy, design, etc. Look to the future man, not to the past.
It's still a first world job that is tempted by uber cheap labor. I've owned an Audi A5 and S5 as well. I noted they decieded to build in Mexico and cancelled my order for a TTRS and told them why. I'm not worried about build quality, i know yall can build them just fine. again my issue is the intended market. If for south America fine I get it.. North America, build them here.

Don't SH$T where you eat BMW. You will be doing just that.