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Bottom line is we pay more for a 3 series because it's a German premium product
Next thing you know is it will be assembled in Mexico
And the next m3 will basically use a souped up 335is engine
And yet I'm expected to pay a hefty premium?
Gtf outta here
I'll take my money elsewhere

I've tried 2 cars made in Mexico
And they both sucked
So I'd be a fool to think the next one will be any good

You all are free to gamble with your money, to inflate the already healthy profits of BMW with your hard earned cash

I'd rather pay for something I know is well made
And before you all start with your "you're a racist crap"
My brother owns a BMW assembled by BMW in Egypt
My best friend owns the same car, but assembled in Germany
One has been nothing but problems
And the other (German) has been bullet proof
So it's not that I'm anti Mexican
Im anti buying a German car that's not made in Germany
I got a US built X3 for my wife
And while it's been pretty reliable
I notice a lot of issues with fit and finish compared to my M3
One looks cheaply made
One looks like the guy making actually cared about what he was doing