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Originally Posted by templarklimek View Post
This is the email I just sent BMW.

To the Mexican members of this forum. We don't fault you for wanting this factory. It would bring good paying jobs to you. Having said that we need those jobs as well. And as most of these cars would be sold to American/Canadian markets they should be built here. If they build them in Mexico I will not be buying another.

Thank you.
Its not as if BMW announced it was moving the Spartanburg plant to Mexico. If anything, this plant will take away production from the current Germany/SA locations. Probably not even that given BMWs growth plans for the decade.

And, having the plant in Mexico will actually create jobs in the U.S. by enabling U.S. based suppliers to participate, just as they do with other plants in operation today. This U.S. based suppliers are not competitive shipping heavy parts to Europe/Africa.

Consider that and if not convinced that this is a good thing please do write a similar letter to Audi and Mercedes-Benz. Audi will be opening a plant here even sooner (100% official) and Mercedes builds buses and trucks here already.
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