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Satellite radio will be dead in less than 5 years. Why would anyone pay for it when you can get better, customized content through your phone? I haven't tried Stitcher yet but Pandora works pretty well. The only downside is that it's not worth it to me sometimes to connect my iPhone for shorter drives.

I don't get the people that are anti iPhone. You get to make a choice and you made yours. Nuf said. Saying "don't do Stitcher, that's what Apple wants". Huh? Don't you understand that you can take advantage of the hundreds of companies like Stitcher that are trying to get access to monetize Apple's customer base? If one of these companies offers enough value and you decide that you want to pay for a premium service or allow access to your personal information then you can let them...if you want. Eyes wide open. If you like it you buy and if you don't you pass. There isn't a conspiracy.