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Originally Posted by cars4lyfe View Post
First of all I'll try to be as objective as possible...a 350z is a car you can really go to the track with...the 335i is NOT. Some people on this forum lead me to believe they've truly never driven the cars they criticize...Nissan and BMW are two very different companies. Get over it already...
did someone change this thread into 350z vs 335i? or nissan vs bmw?? i must've missed it...

haha. i'm just busting your balls.

anyways, +1 to ward's comment. and idk the whole story but from tobizach's post, it seems like OP has said things with which he himself is so thoroughly annoyed that he made a thread about it. lol. if it's annoying for you to hear, then you probably shouldn't say it to other ppl.