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Originally Posted by kevinbahnz View Post
any advice or proven science that will help my 15 year old son grow taller. I am 5'4"(5'5" on my good days)148lbs his mom is about the same height and he is about 5'6" 158lbs. He's pretty lazy sleeps late wakes up late afternoon but when he goes to the YMCA he stays there for a good 3-4 hours playing basketball and lifting weights(no heavy lifting and no squats). Any tips on food and supplements that promote growth that are safe for his age.? Can I spike his food with HGH , Just kidding
Genetics play a huge role in this and it sounds like he got the short end of the stick
I would consult a doc about this. I know you said it jokingly, but if administered correctly and early enough HGH can actually help a child grow past their pre detemined genetic height.