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Originally Posted by whats77inaname View Post
Glad you asked this question, as I've been pondering the same thing. As you mentioned, the Procede allows 4 maps, so there's no reason to not have a meth + s/c tune, and a s/c only tune. When I finally get ready to do this, I'll probably have Shiv tune it, if he's willing.
I spoke with both ESS and VF about having them custom tune their flash for meth but they won't do it.

I've done a lot more research than what's in this thread and the bottom line is that many (who have been running boosted/meth S65's for years) discourage tuning for meth using the piggy back in this application. Reason being is that the S65 is apparently much more delicate than the n54 and so it's a much higher risk.

Also, apparently there is some kind of implied warranty - at least with ESS - that if your motor goes BOOM with one of their kits, perhaps they will cover you if everything was done by the book and you didn't abuse/money shift. I don't know how true this is but it's at least a little comforting.

I'm definitely going with meth, but I guess like everyone else the Proceed will not tune for it. I will just use the Procede for data logging, valet map switching, traction control and PWM meth control.
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