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Originally Posted by Ricfutures View Post
I ran a Euro plate for a while since I hated the look of the standard plate and didn't want to get the bumper refinished right away (wait for something to happen to warrant a fix). Cops never gave me a hard time for it here in Cali.

Having lived in NYC for 30+ yrs on the other hand... it seems like anyone with a badge can write you up for anything. Meter maids will leave no/invalid plate tickets, expired registration, etc... on your window every day.

Just get one of the many tow hook brackets that are available and run the standard plate.
Definitely... I don't think the rest of the US understand how bad it is out here with them meter maids. I may have to stick to the original NY plates with double sided 3M tape Idea. I don't like the off-center look with the tow-hook option. Blahhhhh