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Originally Posted by m3alabama View Post
M dynamic mode in the rain? Sounds like you were up to something in terms of spinning the tires or drifting for fun. Or you are just stupid which does not sound like it is the case.

Listen man this is total crap BUT you really can't give bmw any excuse to void a warranty and unfortunately this is as much evidence as they need to show clear evidence of redlining the car at a speed 1/4 of what it is supposed to be at redline. Only a burnout (which is not just smoke-it means any spinning of the tires without much forward motion) Usually this produces smoke but in the rain it will not but still a burnout
I can't believe the idiots out there ! & yes I'm referring to you ....

Here you have a car that was pitched the ultimate track car with a raised redline at 8,300k heck the car was freaking designed for high revs PERIOD and you question this guy all the way from Hicksville Alabama .... WTF LOL
If you simply have nothing positive to say do me a favor keep your comments to yourself
Heck the car had launch control , rev limiter ( which is there for senerios like this one ) & high revs cut offs....

FOR THE RECORD BMWNA is dead wrong ! And even if you lived in Alaska there's no reason for all the rust !! To the OP check the history records of your car make sure the miles weren't dialed back !
Also have your dealer check the history of your revs to see what's the clock on high revs ( redline) that will show if you abuse your car .

Good luck