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Originally Posted by turbojet3 View Post
I drove from Ocala to G'ville just last night through the rain storm.
I only saw one GTO there and he was running high 13's.
Very nice run. So you also saw faster times from your car than any of the fairly stock GTOs. I mean, I personally watched and took pictures of about 4 different GTOs at LACR. None of them came close to the 13's. On average I was beating them by about a second in my stock 335i. So if anyone else beats them at the track, and gets to see what their actual times are compared to the 335i, please post them. We will then get a better idea of how fast they are. Its hard to tell in a street race with such closely matched cars. I mean, one person can jump on the throttle .30 seconds earlier, and that could be the outcome of the race. One thing I'm trying to figure out is why the 335i seems to be so inconsistant with mods. I mean, if I could consistantly get 50 more horsepower out of my car with software, it would be great. But I have seen non-stock 335i track times that are barely different than my stock one. I think it has to do with particular temps, etc, and how the computer pulls timing, etc. Although my runs were almost at 100F at high altitude.