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I can't see the House flipping Democrat. I can see the Senate getting to 50/50 based on the current polling. The Presidency has the potential to be a nailbiter as Obama's coastal state electoral advantage versus Republican enthusiasm will make for a long election night.

What would be interesting if Obama does get reelected but finds himself with a Republican congress.. there just wont be any excuses for both sides. That's as strong as a mandate for compromise you can send that the people want a hard check against the Presidency but also agree with Obama's approach.

I'm just not convinced Obama will heed that call. Squishy Repubs always fold - so much so they would give away their oxygen on an underwater dive just to for the pretense of moderation once push comes to shove.

Its more likely Romney wins, Senate stays Democrat and House stays Repub. Then we'll see news stories change about the minority party being "intractable" in discussing Republicans to being "principled" when the Dem's refuse to compromise on Romney's agenda. But some progress can be made as Romney has a solid history of working with Democrats - much to the chagrin of conservatives.
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