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Hey, I have a 2011 and have the SAME exact issue as you and my car is going back to the dealer so it can get looked at.

My ticking sounds EXACTLY the same as yours, and only happens when the car is up to operating temperature and the sound is roughly correlated with RPM. We thought the issue was rod/main bearings, but after sending an oil sample out it came back 100% perfect. Using a mechanics stethescope we noticed the sound was clearest at the lower motor mounts that bolt directly into the motor, so we are assuming its coming from in the motor.

There are countless threads of people who have experienced the same ticking (doesn't matter what year, 2008 up through 2011) sound and symptoms as us, and all of them say their fix was a replacement of the main bearings and crankshaft. Heres one good thread on it:

Some people even said it happened right after their 1200 mile break-in like yourself.

I've exhausted EVERY method to try solving this issue, and I'm resorting to letting the dealer handle it. The sound is most definitely not normal (trust me I've put my car side by side with at least 20 other M3's and my car has been the only car that made it), and I would dealer your car.

Good luck on your issue and please let us know what happens (as I will do the same).

Here's a video of my car for reference:

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