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Love the rear bumper! can't wait to see the final result.

Originally Posted by Kiemyster View Post

Meet me in real life and maybe you would understand, but im simply a stranger to you. Most members who know me in the tri-state area know me well so its all good. There will be many people who wont like my car and thats great, because I certainly am not catering for you. I am an activist, I promote the legalization of marijuana, end of story. See my thread in off topic section lmfao. but all of the widebody projects I have seen were for the E92 and I just figured its time to give the E90 some love. Im going a bit extreme on my design I know, but I LOVE the way my car is coming along, and I am sorry it is not to your taste. I would imagine your car is perfectly suited to you since you did your own mods, and thats kind of the point isnt it? I am simply designing my car the way I want it to be
great response to a dbag comment.