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Consider the Hypermotard 796. It is by far the easiest to ride compared to any of the bikes you've mentioned. Riding position is more upright. It will be the easiest to learn on too. The wide bars and upright riding position make the bike handle telepathically, like a bicycle. Very little countersteering pressure is needed. It is also one of THE funnest bikes to own and ride.

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I'm thinking about getting a bike as a DD. $100 a week on gas for the ///M is just ridiculous. If I were to get one, it'll be my first bike ever. I'm pretty comfortable with riding a bicycle, I learn fast and get used to the power of the anything with a motor fairly quickly. With that said, I don't want to get anything too small but also nothing too big (mainly because I want to really learn to ride and not be intimidated with all the power). Now I have a couple of bikes in mind and I was just wondering if all you expert riders out there could point me in the right direction.

1. Ducati Monster 696
2. Ducati 848
3. HD Iron 883
4. Yamaha R6

Please suggest any additional options for me to consider if you have one.

Thanks for reading