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Originally Posted by edu09 View Post
I had the BMW performance installed in my car previous to my current akra evo set up, the sound was great but when I tried to pair it with an x-pipe it became extremely raspy, first I tried to pair it with a Borla x-pipe and then with a Challenge street, both sounded terrible
I'd already tried few combinations.
Agency power rear section only.
Agency power and challenge street x pipe.
Dinan only.
Dinan with Challenge
Dinan with Dinan catless.

Each one had its merits.

But after all that time and money spent, I found that I was happier overall with the challenge x pipe and stock muffler.

At least from inside the cabin.

Drone wasn't an issue with Dinan. In full setup, it was sounding like a track car, which i loved, except its my daily driver....etc. Oh the fumes weren't bad, but was much better after taking it off and not dealing with fumes.
Dinan full setup was a bit touchy. Very lighty throttle and it kept quiet. Any application of throttle and it woke up and filled the cabin with noise.

Agency power setup with challenge was amazing. Couple of my friend with C63s, one with headers thought my car was a Maserati was I was pulling up to a restaurant. Loved the sound.

It was the "boom" inside the cabin when leaving a red light.

Started bothering me, especially if I have someone in the car. I became much more aware of it.

So hoping this BMW PERFORMANCE rear section would do the trick on its own and be dynamic enough in the rev range to not make me want to add an x pipe.