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Originally Posted by loflier View Post
I've heard it a few times. Great sound. Not sure it's worth the money. Performance/sound vs. money spent ratio isn't great. Better exhaust out there for significantly less money. No dealer has it set up already on a car on the lot? I am sure they'd let you rev it up to hear it if you don't find someone local.
Yes, it is quite expensive. But so was the Dinan I bought. Just esthetically, the Dinan felt overpriced 400%. Did sound good in full catless setup.
At least the BMW looks the part.
As for performance/sound. This is simply an aural mod for me. I did a full Dinan catless setup and I definitely noticed power increase. Nothing like the power increase of a chip to a 335. So I only missed the additional power for a couple weeks after taking off Dinan and then back to normal.
They had an e92 with performance exhaust at the dealer in Braman a while back. They started it up for a minute only. But it was indoors.
Too little time to gauge sound and that was just sitting still. I want driving impression of the car in cabin.

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