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Originally Posted by Poppin Fresh View Post
An owners concept is going to be taken with a lukewarm response by some, but to put paper into reality...MAC shut it down!!!

The rear end look like it could be mistaken for a Decepticon.
ahahaha thanks bro!!! u know thissss

Originally Posted by auggiem3 View Post
your patience is impressive - what do you drive during the day to keep you satisfied while you wait and fund this project?

I dont know if i could part with my baby for months regardless of how epic it looks in the end.
I was rocking a 325xi, it was killing me so i got a N55 335xi, gonna make it a baby m3 basically. I have been without my m3 for about a year but its ok, that means no mileage is going on the car.

Originally Posted by Exzackt View Post

I agree.. too aggressive of a rear end IMO. If you have to do it make the front match. And I believe the e92 is more aggressive and a better looking sports car. BMW designed it that way. Coupes will always be designed sportier than sedans

Its good to see the sedans getting some loving too, GL with the project!
I will deal with the front when I make some more money thanks bro

Originally Posted by BLACK OPS View Post
I think your mental picture of the car is coming along nicely. I do like the P40SC but I think the 565C would look much better. I think the rear fenders are pretty aggressive, so much that the front needs to be slightly flared as well. If this is only a showcar then consider doubling the size of the sun roof and making a built in percolator. Looking good Kiemyster
Thank you sir! I certainly will be doing the front after this season, im thinking about .75 inches or maybe one solid inch of flare.... The rims were a hard decisions to make.

Originally Posted by Lowkey335 View Post
Yeah whats up with the weed stuff? Drug money here with careless spending? Who builds a 335xi track car and M3 show car? lol anyway....Im seeing that I am a purist more and more....that rear bumper is terrible, the front is terrible, doesnt matter how much Arkym you have, looks kinda silly and i cant understand how adults sweat body kits still. You def have balls for doing the rear wide body, but it looks silly as stated before, too pronounced....not something I would do to kinda screw up the purity of the car. BMW made it like that, I would have left it alone, looks more like an extra for a F&F movie. How old are you? Im seeing the boi ricer thing here as well....
Meet me in real life and maybe you would understand, but im simply a stranger to you. Most members who know me in the tri-state area know me well so its all good. There will be many people who wont like my car and thats great, because I certainly am not catering for you. I am an activist, I promote the legalization of marijuana, end of story. See my thread in off topic section lmfao. but all of the widebody projects I have seen were for the E92 and I just figured its time to give the E90 some love. Im going a bit extreme on my design I know, but I LOVE the way my car is coming along, and I am sorry it is not to your taste. I would imagine your car is perfectly suited to you since you did your own mods, and thats kind of the point isnt it? I am simply designing my car the way I want it to be

I appreciate everyone's feedback here, Bimmerpost is my family! LONG LIVE E90 POST! Give thanks and praise to the most high Jah Rastafari! Who jah bless no man curse, live and give praises!
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