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I can only imagine what this is like... I was looking for a Cayman R but couldnt find one other than green. My friend picked up a boxster spyder a few days ago and he let me drive it around alone and told me to gun it hard. I am surprised how damn well it grips and turns. It makes my M3 feel like a joke. No body roll at all. The two P cars that blew my mind were the 911 GTS then his spyder. I drove the 991S while he was taking delivery and it didnt blow me away like the GTS but it was still amazing. The clutch and stick. I dont like how it has 7 gear for mt though. I will definitely check out the new Cayman S. It must be real promising.

Edit Btw I have 6mt and my friend has pdk in his spyder. His car creeps up to mine from 0- whatever but i have higher redline so he has a hard time passing because his pdk has to shift but his car is real close... Only did one run and chirped on 1-2. Very very fast...
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