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Originally Posted by m33 View Post
Let's get this straight ... meth cools better than any inter cooler available !
I can bombard this thread with enough Data proving my point .
And not to mention I gained 25whp an 10-15 wtq with the addition of 30f lower in IAT's all this was done on a VT650 in 88f 70's humidity .
The only reason I installed Meth was to get cold weather performance in the summer so the added whp is only the lost whp due to heat ! The car is NOT tuned for meth and I'm using te smallest nozzle possible , again it's just for cooling !
So true. On back to back runs at the Trona Airstrip event, I logged a run where meth didn't flow and hit 90c IATs!. On the very next run meth flowed and logged 36c. Huge difference. Boost on the 90c run peaked at 14 and tapered to 11, where boost on the 36c run peaked at 19 and tapered to 16.

I will run meth, but going the piggy back route to control the meth probably will not happen. While the meth will not provide signifcant gains on the dyno, it will likely provide a large HP delta during track events when higher IAT's occur.
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