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Originally Posted by GeorgiaTech335coupe View Post
GTOs were produced to be fast cars so why would GM underrate it? BMW had a lot more reasons to underrate their car. Before I posted, I looked up dyno charts on drag and the only stock GTO I found 05+ was around 330 rwhp.
Here's a link to a thread of a bone stock 05 6speed. 347rwhp/351rwtq on a dynojet. You'll have to scroll down to post #37 to see the graphs.

The factory LS2 pcm is setup to be extremely sensitive to IAT's as it's stock 10.9:1 compression is right on the edge for 91 octane. That's why you may see lower dyno figures occasionally as anyone who dyno's in hotter weather is subject to that issue and the pcm pulls timing pretty aggressively.

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