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Originally Posted by Groundpilot View Post
Question for those who use PFC-01 pads. Is it true they dont need to be bedded? How do you like them on the track and how many track days can you expect out of them?
Yes it's true. They work better after they have been heated up, but don't need extensive bedding like old school pads. I am actually about to sell a set of front and rear PFC01's with probably 70% life and a new set of fronts I had as a spare (bought bbk and don't need them). PM me if you want dibs before I post them to FS.

Plug aside, don't run street pads on track. Halfway pads suck too imo. Track pads are for the track and street pads are for the street. PFC 01 or 06 have always worked great for me on various cars.