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Originally Posted by .b0link View Post
^That may be so, I was unable to find any specifics on the operation of the Panigale's optional DES.

I was merely commentating on the electrical aspect of it.

Edit: My friend and I actually had a conversation about this yesterday. What we seem to think the ultimate direction they should have, is a learning mode. In this mode you go out on a track and do a session, and the bike collects the telemetry data. Come in press a program button, and it analyzes and optimizes the suspension based on a turn by turn basis (not unlike the MotoGP idea above) and is linked to the GPS. In this method you can have a truly standardized set up that you can save to a specific track, so that the bike is always consistent from lap to lap, with the option to program via laptop to customize/fine tune to user preferences.

I personally think that's overkill. All this quickshifter, traction control, anti wheelie, ABS, mode selection and countless other stuff gets too much. Cars are already to teched out and needlessly getting to the extent where it pretty much drives itself, i don't want that to happen to bikes. Over the past few years the aformentioned systems have increased and have been added to pretty much every current Superbike/litre bike now.

There is a fine line between just the right amount of tech, and too much. I think we are just at the threshold of that line.