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Ode to "Crappy Tire"

Originally Posted by Taunto View Post
I Perfer hand washing like as everyone has stated. My biggest part of using a drive in car wash with using the pressure washer my self and all the options is I personally dont own a pressure washer and after a long weekend cruise or sometimes a night time cruise the front bumper and windscreen get packed with lots bugs. If I have time I take it to a car was just to at least pressure wash the bugs off as I find pressure wash does a much better job on that part than my garden hose.
Although we all love to whine about Canadian ("Crappy") Tire and the generally average to second grade products that they sell, the great thing is that when they have a sale, it is really a sale (i.e., 25 to 50 % off and sometimes mores).

Therefore I suggest that your keep eye your local Canadian Tire weekly flyer, as you will not have to wait long for a well priced pressure washer so you can do it at home!