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Originally Posted by Longboarder View Post
Funny it was a GTR egging me on yesterday in my 335 in south OC so it goes both ways. The run was from a dead stop on a road with a 60 mph limit. Even though my 0-60 times are in the mid-3 sec range, the GTR driver didn't use launch control as I presume he thought i was going to be an easy kill. We started @ the same time and I pulled about 10 feet until I shut down at around 70 mph and the GTR kept going. I have an n54 motor w/19psi + meth, LSD with PSS tires. This is not the only GTR I've beat. Being a sleeper has advantages.
Ehh.. I used to kill tuned 335i in my Evo. So what is the big deal? The 335i is way too heavy and RWD doesn't help. AWD 2 stage launch control FTW. Oh, and don't even talk about track. 335i on a road track is a joke.