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Originally Posted by Longbow64 View Post
The Procede only sprays the meth when called upon. The meth tune is only active if the meth is spraying. As soon as meth stops spraying or you run out of meth, the Procede defaults to Map 1, which is a without meth tune. All mods are a gamble and tuning is at the owner's risk. ESS has a proven record for reliability as does Vishnu. Probably would make a pretty good combo package but you'd be a pioneer in testing and risk. I'd love to have someone do this before me.
Yes, and I like the fact that the ESS supercharger systems have been extremely reliable. With the meth/tune of the piggy, I would not be attempting to push to the limit - but rather incorporate the Procede's already terrific fail safe measures such that if meth didn't flow, it would revert back to the standard ESS map. The meth map would be tuned by Shiv himself on a dyno, and I would request the parameters to be within ESS' tuning (timing/AFR, etc) specification as to not induce any additional risk. But I think this could be done with more than a 10-15 RWHP increase.

Originally Posted by THE TECH View Post
You'd have to have a good tuner configure your car on the dyno for the best results. Just have one tune made instead of adding one on top of the other.
How can you specifically tune for the addition of meth/water flow with a flash when sometimes the meth flows and sometimes it does not?

Originally Posted by ssabripo View Post
i never understood why folks go the route of uber modifications to an already modified car... if you really needed that much more power, get a car that has it! (GT-R, GT3, etc etc).

Don't mind me, just talking out loud...
Fair point. I looked at both the GT-R and GT3. The GT3 wasn't practical enough as a DD and the GT-R just wasn't for me. The M3 is perfect as an all-around car...except that the acceleration is bit slow (IMHO) and needs a couple hundred more HP to compete in the events that I attend.
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