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Originally Posted by 335xC4Now View Post
Those are both such great pix! Seeing the M where it is meant to be...
Too bad you can't stay longer.... There are so many beautiful things to see, including Fussen, on the way to Innsbruck/Stelvio.

Originally Posted by 335xC4Now View Post
How long to drive Stelvio??
About 4-5 hours from Munich, or 3 hours from Innsbruck. Like I said, get that delivery moved up, because you'll want to take your time driving and stopping for little breaks and to take pictures.

Originally Posted by 335xC4Now View Post
Once through Stelvio what is the best way back to Munich? Or another dop-off center?

The thought of being able to do this in 2 days is great!
Do you have navigation in your car? Munich would be the easiest drop-off point. You should have to make your appointment with HARMS pretty soon for the drop off.

You will have a blast, but give yourself plenty of time for everything you want to do. No sense in rushing things, or having your whole day thrown off by things out of your control.