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Originally Posted by Ghetto2315
Originally Posted by SehrSchnell View Post
Well, the Viper will be in a whole different price class, but I'd def skip the current C6 Corvette, the new one is just around the corner.
True. Base MSRP for the Z06 is what, $76K? I think the MSRP will be starting around $95K for the Viper, which is still about $18K cheaper than the ZR1.

Never driven a ZR1. Is the ZR1 that much better than the Z06 to justify $37K difference?
Is it worth 37k on the street? Absolutely not. It's actually a very frustrating car to drive on the street. You cant have much fun or else you are instantly in the triple digit speed range and that is potential jail time over here in California. it is just more hp than the street needs.

On the track, it's different. I enjoy both of them on the track however the zr1 sounds and feels like your driving a supercar. The z06 is just a fantastic piece of machinery with a deep growl that you can hone your skills on. I will never be able to reach 9-9.5/10 of the zr1's performance (also because I'd be afraid of the consequences) but I feel I can get much closer to the cars max potential (still not there but definitely closer) in the z06.

Also the supercharger is forgiving if you mess up, the z06 requires you to make less mistakes. That being said, I was never passed by a zr1 when I was in a z06 at spring mountain. I also never caught one either (of the decent drivers that were actually trying)