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Originally Posted by Ghetto2315 View Post
It's absolutely plausible, considering this new Viper will be a direct competitor to the Vette ZR1, so I would summise that pricing should be closer to the ZR1 than to the Z06.

I'm in the auto industry too, and you know as much as I do, nothing is final until it's "burning gas". I've had my close sources be wrong in the past a few times lol. I guess as long as we haven't personally talked to Ralph Giles of SRT, we won't know until a few more months.
I'm hoping for a lower MSRP as that could be my next car

ZR1 has a $120k MSRP but they will sell you one for $105k all the day long(im referring to 3ZR). Perhaps, something similar will be going on with the Viper.

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