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So 3 points were made:
1. It has variable ratio steering. Ohhhh. If it made for a better handling performance car, wouldn't Porsche, Ferrari, BMW, etc. do it? I don't think anybody who knows what it is wants variable ratio steering in their performance car. I know I don't.
2. It has 20 psi boost. Most people don't know what that means, and in any case, it's just one of countless variables designed into an engine. The only thing that matters ultimately is output. It is what it is. Pointless.
3. It's cheaper than... hmmm. Let's compare it to a Ferrari 458. Wow. It's cheaper. How 'bout a 911. Wow, cheaper. This thing is a world beater.
That's it? That's all they could come with to convince us to buy their product?
This is why American car makers are where they are. They've spent the last 30 years building the cheapest thing they can make, then, assuming the public is stupid, relying on dishonest marketing to sell to the ignorant masses.
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