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Originally Posted by Litos View Post
how am i clenching at straws after YOU specifically said "I feel bad for the bike in these kind of cases because it just isn't being ridden as it's supposed to be."

so at that TIME AND PLACE, you felt sorry for a guy for not wide open throttling and dragging knee while leaving the stop light that he had just stalled at.

you see how stupid you sound !??!
You are clenching at straws. My statement was a general statement. Not just implied to the noob on the bike. There are plenty of riders that have never tried to push the boundaries of their riding and the bikes in a safe environment. They are simply too scared and inadequate to do so. It's impossible and downright stupid to try and be full on every ride but what I'm getting at is atleast riding the bike competetently when possible. Yet many people don't have the capacity to do that either.