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Originally Posted by MiddleAgedAl View Post
I do have to say, that its interesting to hear "the US economy will mostly do whatever it does, based on factors beyond a president's control". I'm not sure how one could maintain that position while agreeing with folks who suggest that Obama inherited a bad economy which arose due to awful Bush policies. Can't have it both ways.
I don't claim that Bush was responsible for the great recession, nor was it Barney Frank or leftover Clinton policies. Bush IS responsible for the debt, from:
A never-ending war in Afghanistan;
A bogus, never-ending war in Iraq;
2 unfunded tax rebates;
Implementing the bogus "trickle down" economic principle;
Creating the wasteful Dept of Homeland security;
No child left behind;
War on drugs.

As far as Obama vs. Romney going forward, I think you're making a bad assumption about Obama's 2nd term. As I said, he simply won't get anything radical through congress, and what's more, I don't expect him to go for anything radical in the first place. Whereas Romney will be too busy carrying the torch for conservatives who want a bunch of stuff reversed, to actually focus on the good of the US economy.