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Originally Posted by hl0m4n View Post
hey tech, did you get opti coat on your windshield as well? do you see any hazing, reflection, etc or the visibility is still like oem? and if you got the coat on your rims, do you notice any difference in brake dust? im sure opticoat or not, a spray of sonax will do better?

so to wash the car just use soap and rinse off, no wax/seal?

to remove you polish it away? wouldn't that also polish away the oem clear coat beneath it?

when i take delivery of my car, i probably will get this done asap when paint is still fresh.

thanks for the help guys.
Polishing OC would be pointless unless you messed up the application and wanted to level it to reapply.

OC is "permanent" but it will eventually wear off through regular use and general wear and tear like any coating you add. But unlike most sealants, the durability is years rather than months.