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Originally Posted by Xtopherus View Post
I updated my original post with some links. There's only one R8 thread I've seen and it's pretty old. Maybe the R8 owners don't put enough miles on their cars to be as affected by carbon build-up?
i was in the market for a RS4 when I was shopping around the M3. I'm glad I dodged that bullet.

Cons of RS4 when I was buying:

1. overall high price to value
2. carbon build-up of the 4.2 and cost of maintenace of issue
3. outdated electronics
4. simplistic AWD system (also a good thing I suppose)
5. sub-optimal handling (nose heavy, heavy)
6. outdated interior
7. overall Audi/VW build quality is inferior to BMW M3 as indicated by quality reporting and surveys
8. minimum need for AWD (mid-atlantic, non-daily driver)
9. limited options and choices in terms of color and packages