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Have I sinned? My 06 330i is joined by an 05 TL!

Well, my wife recently sold her 2003 GTS:

I tried to sell her on getting an e90...even an e46 3 series. But, she was looking for more of a luxury ride...a Sport Sedan with the emphasis on the SEDAN part, more so than the SPORT part.

She drove A LOT of cars...Cadillac, BMW, Mercedes, Lexus...multiple models from each.

In the end, we went with the Acura TL. I had two of the previous body style (the 2nd generation TLs) before getting my e90 and have always been impressed with Honda/Acura.

Here's a few photos...

We settled this question of which car is faster very early on. She followed me out of the dealership and we jumped on the highway. I looked in my rear view, and she swung left early to get off the exit and on the highway - she already had it to the floor, and was charging hard.

I honestly thought she'd pass me as she got an early start, but I but my Bimmer to floor - she nevery got past me. I walked away from her with relative ease.

They have comperable HP output, but the larger, front wheel drive TL is a bit slower - but still quite fast. I'm amazed at how quick that 330i is.