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Originally Posted by tbone28 View Post

I still think that deleting the thread w/o explaining why and asking that I delete this feedback thread is still shady.
You're new here so you don't know but...

Re: threads getting deleted.... it's the norm here if you haven't noticed.

threads get deleted all the time, be there vendor threads, feedback threads, OT threads, whatever. Posts get deleted/altered.

It's nothing new. It happens quite often, so a thread getting deleted isn't that big of a deal on here.

Since I've been on for a few years, and i have a lot of posts (meaning I don't stay on just one part of the forum, I go to a variety of sub sections and threads etc, so I see/read more than the average member), so it's not strange to see a thread get deleted or even requested to be deleted.

I wouldn't be surprised if this thread's posts get altered and/or completely deleted. I could understand why as well.

Then again, this is all just my own perceptions and opinion, so I could be completely wrong and everyone should ignore what I said.