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Originally Posted by Digitalwok View Post
I think this situation is blown a bit out of proportion. I also think there is error on both parties. Let me explain my thoughts on each relative step

1. Pyspeed quoted a price to member
- Great price as my quote was higher relatively speaking.
- Note sure how to breakdown the "promo price" as quoting seems to be all over the map.

- Something is afoot at the circle-K and Pyspeed should be more transparent here.

2. Member responds to another question on thread with "same price"
- This is not correct! Web price is $134.42 more (shipped to LA that is) so the price quoted on #1 is a good "promo" price for member.

3. Pyspeed responsed with "confused" emoticon
- This could mean many things.
1) Confused on why you anwsered for Pyspeed
2) Confused as to why you said price is the same on web - it is not the same
3) Confused as to why pricing is even referred to on the vendor thread. Yes, the price was not excplicitly posted maybe the rules are that you cannot even refer to a price?

4. Member states that Pyspeed is implying that member is BSing
- The confused icon means just that...I do not understand your post so please explain. I think you read into too much.

5. Thread gets removed by Pyspeed
- Clearly they should explain why it got deleted. I assume that they may have seen where this was headed and deleted it? Or worried that since price was implied it could get deleted? I am not a vendor to understand the rules in the vendor area.

The interesting part is that the member was in error stating that the web price was the same so why not just end it here by saying "the promo price is lower than the website...and this is off topic and please PM me if you have pricing concerns" would have been better. I think this is why member is fustrated.

6. More attempts to delete follow-up threads
- This is when things beging to snowball out of control. Hard to understand what they intented to here?

Thanks for taking the time to read the details and to formulate a well thought out answer. You answer is well written. I agree with many of your points. I probably did read into his response too deeply. The bottom line (for me) was that it wasn't a positive response from him. Only Sean will know the intent of his response.

I agree that he could have easily ended this early on by explaining things. I believe I mentioned transparency earlier in the thread somewhere, and your snowballing comment is a good example of how transparency could have avoided that.

I still think that deleting the thread w/o explaining why and asking that I delete this feedback thread is still shady.