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Originally Posted by tlp View Post
Can you please comment on any additional NVH with this kit vs stock. Also, can you post some basic guidance and recommendations on spring rate suggestions for your kit based on performance, sport and comfort driving.

There may be a little bit of harshness in the front, because you are going from 180# OEM front spring to our recommended 400# front spring. The rears would go from 550# OEM > 600#. Due to the fact that the shock cannot handle anymore spring, the most we recommend is 400 front and 600 rear.

I see the Front options are 300#-#650 in #50 increments and the rears come in #600 & #700.
I will update the website to correlate with our recommendations.

Originally Posted by C|3R1C View Post
How about half street half track?
I would still recommend that same.

Originally Posted by davem3fan View Post
When I finally update my sedan, this is the setup I will go for.
Great, let me know!