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I made the switch from an M3 to a GTR about a year ago and have to say that they're both great cars - in different ways. I think it takes a while to truly settle into a GTR... yes it does feel bigger ...however:
- Try the steering on both, GTR is much more direct and connected. The M3 has some play in it - interestingly when I switched that was the first thing that I noticed..
- On the track, the GTR is a monster - a crazy machine that eats up almost everything out on the track.. and no it does not feel "video-gamish" - it is raw, it requires skill to push it hard on the track and I'm still learning and getting faster..
- OMG the power! the torque!! .. I have my car custom tuned and I have three maps - a low boost granny map, a specific map for road racing/ track (medium boost and smooth - not too much power), and a 19psi silly power map (for overtaking anything on the freeway... in 6th gear )
- It may feel less tossable on the street at first .. but trust me.. in reality it is far more tossable on the street.. it just feels bigger at first..
- Once you get the right exhaust, it sounds great - not a V8 but fantastic in its own way!
- You need the right mods to extract the best out of the GTR - You need good intakes, mid-pipe,down pipes, and ECU/TCM tuning... and the GTR is transformed!
- Overall while I sometimes miss my M3... I still go into my garage on a daily basis and have to pinch myself when I see a GTR there..

anyway just my random thoughts on this topic..