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Only 2 that I know of is one at 42nd between 9th and 10th (where I usually go during the auto show) and the robotic garage on Baxter St in Chinatown. I can't trust anymore valets after the last time they scratched up my bumper and they will not claim any responsibility and will drive the s*it out of your car in the process. If you have to park at a valet, at least invest in some bumper wrap guards before going there, even then though, the sides of your car aren't protected and they squeeze cars in their lots pretty tight so an accidental tap or over zealous guy trying to get in the car next to yours and might leave a door ding. If you're going there just for a night and depending where you are, its probably better to just find a roomy parking space on the street with plenty of room between the guy in front and behind you and not near a big apartment complex entrance where taxi's tend to drop off people and usually swing the door out without really caring if they hit the car that's parked there. *sigh* and my girlfriend wonders why it takes me an hour sometimes to find parking.

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