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I think JBJ is the only person with a half decent chance of beating Silva. I can see his GNP and elbows being a huge factor but I can also envisage Silva walking in there bopping in and out then touching his chin and seeing JBJ go to sleep. I see it play out both ways, I'd still bet on Silva though.

As for GSP, I can't see him agreeing to fighting Silva... ever. He's a very smart guy, he knows it would be a tough fight for him. I can't see GSP ever moving up but I did hear Soares say Silva might go down. These are big $$$ fights, I'm sure there is more motivation there.

Also heard Silva is keen for Diaz but he won't be back until Feb.

Sounds like he wants big names or big $$$ fights. Must be cashing in soon before he retires. Glad to see he's trying to take on the big fights before he finishes though. I wasn't too keen on Fedor fighting a few bums to touch up his record before he retired.